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Pre 1998

Before Blacktown International Sportspark became the home of sport in western Sydney, the area was known as Aquilina Reserve, a council sports field that was home to soccer and cricket along with Blacktown City Canine Centre.





In 1996, Blacktown City made a bid to host the Softball and Baseball competition  as part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Construction of the Olympic Venues commenced in 1998 with the Blacktown Olympic Centre, opened by Honourable Michael Knight, Minister for the Olympics on  the 19th  February 2000.




Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

In September 2000, the Blacktown Olympic Centre was home to the Olympic Baseball and Softball Competition with the Athletics Centre utilised as a training venue for elite athletes from around the globe.  

The Softball Competition started on 17th September with 28 preliminary games taking place before the semi final on 25 September. The Grand Final for the gold medal played on 26 September  with United States beating Japan 2 -1 to claim the gold. Australia placed 3rd, after going down to the USA 1 – 0 in the final.

The Baseball Centre hosted 14 of the preliminary rounds of competition from 17th September to 24th September with the medal games held at Sydney Baseball Stadium in Homebush. USA claimed the Gold medal, Cuba the Silver and South Korea the Bronze.






Introduction of Blacktown Venue Management

In 2002, Blacktown Venue Management were appointed as the managing agents of the Olympic Site. A new name and logo, Blacktown Olympic Park, was developed to represent the Park's Olympic status and its three founding Olympic sports - Athletics, Baseball and Softball.



Athletics Grandstand Development

Utilised as a Athletics training venue for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the Sportspark’s Athletics Centre quickly became one of the most sought after athletics venues in western Sydney.

The  $4.5 million project was made possible by a $2million grant from the NSW Government Department of Sport & Recreation.

To meet the requirements of competitors and spectators, the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation and Blacktown City Council together developed a 1250 seat spectator grandstand, additional amenities and function area within the venue.

The Athletics Centre was officially opened on 2nd December 2006 by the Minister for Western Sydney, the Hon Diane Beamer.




AFL/Cricket Centre Development

The NSW government together with the AFL, Cricket NSW and Blacktown City Council funded the development of the AFl/Cricket centre at Blacktown International Sportspark.

Construction of the AFL/Cricket centre which features two ovals for AFL& Cricket, stadium, function facilities and Indoor Practice Centre for Cricket commenced in 2008.

The official opening of the Centre was held in on 22nd August 2009 with the Mayor of Blacktown City, Councillor Charlie Lowles joined by Chief Executive Officers from AFL NSW/ACT and Cricket NSW.




Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney

On 1st July 2011 Blacktown Olympic Park became known as Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney to capture the venue as it is today and as it hopes to be in going forward.

The use of the word Blacktown as the prominent destination marker within the name instills a sense of pride and ownership within the local community and reinforces the parks relationship with the community. 

International provides status as a first class sporting facility and aligns the venue with fellow Olympic legacy venues throughout western Sydney such as the Sydney International Regatta, Shooting and Equestrian Centres.

The term, Sportspark provides a connector to the Western Sydney Parklands in which Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney resides and creates a sense of fun, open space and community about the venue.

Sydney is a major geographic marker giving the venue credence internationally.

The use of two boomerangs in the ‘Blacktown International Sportspark’ logo symbolises the Sportspark’s core business – community and sport - whilst reflecting the indigenous heritage of the city and region.  Boomerangs are also Australian icons and the nature of a boomerang is to return, just as we hope sport participants and visitors of Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney will do!

Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney will continue to provide opportunities for the people of Blacktown and the wider regional community. The name change was an exciting time for the venue and a major milestone acknowledging Blacktown International Sportspark’s growing status on the  International and National sporting stage.




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