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The Blacktown Interntational Sportspark Athletics Centre boasting one of only two MONDO synthetic tracks in NSW has become one of the most popular athletics centres in Western Sydney with over 200,000 competitors and spectators utilising the venue each year for athletics carnivals, training and community events.

From March to September each year the Athletics Centre hosts over 100 Primary, Secondary and Zone School Athletics Carnivals along with the Sydney West Primary & Secondary Regional Carnivals.

Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW also utilise the venue for their Zone and Regional Carnivals and Club Premiership meets.

The Westlink M7 Marathon and Blacktown City Fun Runs are also held at the Athletics Centre along with the annual Blacktown City Cancer Council Relay For Life.

Athletes are welcome to train at the venue from Monday to Thursday through the purchase of  Athletics Permits with the Kings School, National Parks and Wildlife and NSW Futsal Association conducting training sessions at the Sportspark.

Blacktown City Athletics Club

Joining the Blacktown City Athletics Club is a great way to get fit and make new friends in the process. Our club caters for athletes of all ages and abilities and provides the level of competition that is right for you. Being an individual sport, you  decide exactly how competitively you approach the season.

You can enjoy the athletics season from a social perspective, using the friendly club atmosphere to meet new people while keeping fit, or you can pursue the sport in a competitive nature. You can try to beat your personal best each week, in a quest to find out how fast you really can run, how high/long you can jump or how far you can throw.

Either way, Blacktown City Athletics Club provides a great opportunity to compete in a very rewarding, individual sport within a friendly, relaxed, team environment.

The summer season runs from early September until mid March and the winter season, mainly cross country, runs from mid March to late August. Registrations are for an entire 12 months – encompassing both Summer and Winter Series.

Throughout the summer season, there are a number of competitions that you are able to participate in. We have weekly competitions on Friday nights, running at Blacktown International Sportspark.  The Treloar Shield competitions are conducted by Athletics NSW on Saturday afternoons throughout the season. On top of this, there are events such as the NSW titles, Australian Championships, State Relay Championships and State Club Championships that are held throughout the season which athletes can compete in.

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