Master Plan

A visionary new master plan for the Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney, including a public square, hotel, athlete hostel, food and beverage facilities, transport, and traffic connections.

A technologically advanced facility for sports science and training which will form the centre piece of the new Sportspark.

International Centre of Training Excellence

The International Centre of Training Excellence (ICTE) will be adjacent to the Sportspark’s Athletics Centre and other playing fields. It will:

  • incorporate potential commercial partners such as University, Allied health services (Physiotherapy, Chiropracty, Sports science, etc.), and injury rehabilitation providers
  • have premium dormitory accommodation for sports teams
  • retain and be utilised by all existing sports (Football, Baseball, Cricket, Softball, Athletics) 
  • increase on-site car parking
  • maintain flexibility for complimentary commercial Blacktown opportunities

Facilities include:

  • Cameras used to record and assess:
  • pitching action
  • batting lanes for softball or baseball
  • gym equipment to ensure correct body posture
  • swimming stroke improvement in the pool
  • impact pads
  • monitoring of athletes and their track and field movements
  • Digital imagery will be coded and converted to aid physiological analysis.
  • Technology embedded clothing, as is common in elite sports teams, but which has had little application in pathways programs to date.
  • Purpose built training venues
  • The Indoor Practice Centre for Cricket and outdoor turf and synthetic pitches
  • Athlete dining areas and facilities
  • Sports science facilities
  • Education spaces and breakout rooms
  • Sporting Hall of Fame/Olympic legacy museum
  • Hospitality areas

Accelerated Recovery Centre

We will include a range of leading edge rehabilitation equipment geared to the speediest possible recovery. Including:

  • the Alter-G: Anti-Gravity treadmill
  • robotic and therapy assisted treadmill
  • neuroprosthetic training for the upper extremities and hands using electrical stimulation
  • harness rail system that provides body-weight support while walking over ground.

In addition, we will include a range of equipment and facilities for our staff and researchers which will optimise patient and athlete recovery, including:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology
  • X-rays
  • blood testing and analysis
  • cardio/respiratory testing
  • hydrotherapy pools
  • whole body cryotherapy (cryogenic chamber therapy).