Active Ability Series #1 Exercising at home

Published on 23 June 2020


Sport NSW is delighted to announce the launch of the Active Ability Series – by people with a disability, for people with a disability.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Murray Elbourn, Disability Inclusion Manager at Sport NSW, identified the scarcity of specific online exercise content for people with a disability – despite the increasing options for able-bodied people.

Sport NSW collaborated with Rachelle Sultana, Head Exercise Physiologist at Healthstin, eight incredible NSW and Australian representative athletes from across the physical, sensory and intellectual disability spectrum, and the team from Hustle Media to create workout sessions for people with disabilities.

The inaugural Program in the Disability Workout Series, Exercising at Home, will be available from Wednesday, 3 June 2020.

The Program features three levels: 10-minute introductory, 15-minute intermediate and 30-minute sport participant exercises that are designed for the following specific disabilities:

• Low Vision to Blindness

• Hard of Hearing to Deafness

• Autism

• Cerebral Palsy

• Quadriplegia

• Paraplegia

• Down Syndrome

• Acquired Brain Injury

“Exercising at Home sessions are specifically designed for each disability type at different levels of fitness and hosted by an athlete representing that disability. This will encourage greater participation and build awareness around the limited options currently available,” said Mr Elbourn.

 An introductory preview of Exercising at Home can be viewed here. The Series will be promoted to NDIS Delivery Organisations, combined with disability spectrum training to health, education, NSW Government, sport and community providers. Ms Sultana commented, “There is an exciting opportunity to create future programs. For example, social boot camps combining physical workouts and social capacity building to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of participants.” The Program will be available online via the Sport NSW website ( and distributed to all NDIS Local Area Coordination teams to assist NDIS planning discussions and engage greater participation across community sport and active recreation programs.

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