The Summer Slam - Fully Loaded Softball at the Sportspark!

Published on 04 February 2019

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The Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball hits Blacktown International Sportspark

A world-first innovative fast paced competition, The Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball hit Blacktown International Sportspark on Monday 4 February 2019.

The Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball is a game changer for the sport of softball in Australia and around the world, offering shorter games, more action, less downtime and more runs scored.

The high performance event for features six franchised teams made up of Australia’s elite women’s softball representatives who will be joined by international players from several of the world’s top 12 ranked teams.

New rules have been introduced for The Summer Slam and have been tested and trialled, with the entire format of the new game designed to put more pressure on players to perform right from the very first pitch.

Blacktown City Mayor Stephen Bali MP said Blacktown Council was thrilled to host this world first innovative sporting event for Softball at the Blacktown International Sportspark.

“It’s great to see such exciting sporting action take place at the Sportspark and I would like to wish all teams involved the best of luck.

“Join us at the Sportspark to watch some of finest Softball teams live in action from Monday 4 February to Wednesday 6 February 2019,” Mayor Bali said.

New rules for The Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball event include:

  • Shorter three-innings game
  • The homerun fence distance will be reduced to increase the number of homeruns and runs scored in the game
  • If scores are tied after three innings, a tiebreaker innings, with one out per team, will be played to determine a winner
  • Runners starting on base each innings
  • No warm-up pitches between innings
  • No offensive or defensive conferences for coaches
  • After each out, the ball goes directly back to the pitcher, rather than being thrown around the diamond by the fielding team

For further information on The Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball, or any other events taking place at Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney, please contact 9839 6591 or visit