A visionary new master plan for the Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney (BISP), including a public square, hotel, athlete hostel, food and beverage facilities, transport, and traffic connections.

A technologically advanced facility for sports science and training which will form the centre piece of the new Sportspark.

International Centre of Training Excellence

ICTE 2021 July.jpg

Blacktown City Council will build a world-leading high performance, sports medicine, education and accelerated recovery centre

This new facility will be open early 2023

2036 statement - Where we will be

The facility is nationally and internationally-renowned and constitutes the centrepiece of Blacktown International Sportspark (BISP).

Priorities for 2021/22

Key actions for 2021/22 will be:

  • Report of Environmental Effects submitted for Council approval

  • Tender packages for construction issued, assessed and awarded

  • Construction works will commence in 2021 and continue through to the end of 2022.

Fit-out and commissioning of the ICTE building is anticipated to occur in 2022.