A visionary new master plan for the Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney (BISP), including a public square, hotel, athlete hostel, food and beverage facilities, transport, and traffic connections.

A technologically advanced facility for sports science and training which will form the centre piece of the new Sportspark.

International Centre of Training Excellence

The International Centre of Training Excellence (ICTE) will be located in the centre of the Sportspark with easy access to all the existing facilities and playing fields. It will:

  • Incorporate partners in Higher Education, Sports Medicine and Sports Science
  • Have academy style accommodation offering 100 beds over two floors
  • Be accessible to all existing sports (Football, Baseball, Cricket, Softball, Athletics) 
  • Provide opportunities for local businesses to occupy office space and benefit from a collaborative working environment

Facilities include:

  • Motion capture and gait analysis as part of a 60m indoor running track and Biomechanics suite
  • Outdoor turf and synthetic pitches
  • Athlete dining areas and facilities
  • Sports science facilities including a clinical physiology laboratory and environmental chamber
  • Auditorium and breakout spaces for conferencing and seminars
  • Strength and Conditioning facility equipped for specialised training and strength diagnostics
  • Hydrotherapy area equipped with plunge pools

The ICTE will provide an opportunity for all of its user groups to access a range of services under one roof and coordinated by a team of stakeholders with expertise in screening, training and recovery practises. ICTE 2.jpg